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Y. M. Rivadeneira

... a writer's journal.

9 July
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I'm not a published writer yet, but I'm working towards that goal.

I've been a private writer since young childhood, through journals and poetry. In addition to writing, I like to create tangible, beautiful things. I opened a live journal account in July 2005, to share costuming projects with other costumers I had met on line. That journal has expanded to include other aspects of my life, and I eventually locked it because of the personal nature of many of my posts there.

My current fictional writing endeavors sprung from my passions in costuming.

In early 2007 I purchased a silk brocade I found on line...

This inspiring fabric begged to be turned into an early 18th Century French Justaucorps. It was the first time I created a costume from my own inspiration, as opposed to recreating something from someone else's movie.

Midway through the project, I found I had to discover who the coat belonged to, along with his history, and so forth.
Here is a photo of the finished ensemble:

That was the genesis of my story telling endeavors.

I'm currently at work upon a series of novels concerning the character who sprung from that coat, a certain Captain Julien Bel. His story is called The Tales of Captain Julien, The Selene's Secret. After the first book (or two), other related stories will follow.

What is the series about? Here's the synopsis of the first book in a nutshell: A troubled 18th Century Sea Captain must travel time to battle his deadly nemesis in hopes of saving his lost love.

This public journal is a place where I'd like to share about my writing experiences & all things relating to it, including my progress, writer's craft, research and publishing.

I've gone back into my private journal, and re-posted all the entries on writing here with back dates, to document the journey, a journey that will continue from here on out.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to add me if you'd like to follow along.
Y. M. Rivadeneira